An expanded generation of crafted MONN Rugs

MONN already a leading manufacturer of premium-quality, bespoke, woven Axminster carpets for hospitality applications has extended its scope to include an on-line MONN Rug collection to meet new market demands and to reflect some new and quite diverse emerging design trends. 

These carefully curated and designed MONN Rugs are tailored to reflect the fluid expression of current trends and tastes. Small limited production runs allow our talented team of carpet designers free expression, often challenging their own individualistic style and preferences.

The MONN on-line Rugs are 100% manufactured and finished at our state-of-the-art mill in Harrismith and are available through our on-line store or a select group of carpet retailers. All the MONN Rugs ordered through our on-line store are ex stock and we offer country-wide delivery at no additional cost. These MONN Rugs are in effect “limited editions” and showcase varying textures, colouring, design treatments and or artistic content. Generally available in three carefully researched size options the MONN on-line Rugs can also be a springboard for larger Axminster or tufted carpet tile projects.

The commitment and passion involved in the development and production of each MONN Rug ensures that our MONN Rug range is the ultimate expression of expert craftsmanship and creativity.